Legion of Mary
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The Legion of Mary is a lay Catholic apostolic non-profit organization at the service of the church. It is constituted by a group of Catholic volunteers (called Legionary members or Legionaries) who place themselves at the service of the parish Priest, and perform weekly apostolic work on aspects as demanded by the church. Legionaries are constituted in groups called Praesidium, and perform apostolic work under the guidance of a Spiritual Director and the executive elected from within. The Spiritual Director provides the spiritual nourishment and Catholic apostolic knowledge necessary to carry out the work, while the executive runs the weekly meetings, controls the reporting on theweekly work done, and assigns new work for the following week.
Work is generally determined by the parish priest, and can vary from home visitations to shut-ins, administering of the Body of Christ to people who are not able to attend mass, visitations to hospitals, senior lodges, correctional institutions, and others. Legionaries also take the pilgrim virgin to visit homes and rest for about 2 weeks for family prayers.
The Legion of Mary was founded in Myra House, Francis Street, Dublin, Ireland, on 7 September, 1921 by Frank Duff. At present, it has over 2.5 Million active members in over 160 countries. The official handbook of the Legion has been published in at least 50 languages.
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